MATH 3320, Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, Fall 2009


INSTRUCTOR: Peter Olofsson

TEXT: Montgomery and Runger Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers (also available as e-book)

EXAMINATION AND GRADING: The grade is based on three tests (60%), homework (5%), and a final exam
(35%). Grading scale: A: 90-100, B: 75-89, C: 60-74, D: 50-59, F: 0-49.


Thursday 9/24, in class
Tuesday 10/20-Thursday 10/22, take-home
Tuesday 11/17, in class

Each test covers what has been done in class thus far. There will be no make-up tests unless there is a
medical reason or family emergency. In such as case, you must present a doctor's note or similar.

HOMEWORK will be assigned each Thursday. You have to do all the homework problems but only turn in
the ones I ask for. Some of the homework will be mandatory computer labs. Collaboration is allowed but
everybody must turn in homework individually.

FINAL EXAM: Wednesday, December 16, 8:30-11:30 am, MMS 130

OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday 3:30-4:30, Wednesday 10:00-12:00, 2:00-5:00 or by appointment

HONOR CODE: The tests and the final exam are under the Honor Code and must be pledged and signed.

OTHER: Attendance is mandatory at the lectures. Homework and additional course material will be posted
on this website.