MATH 1320: Statistical Methods, Spring 2009


INSTRUCTOR: Peter Olofsson

TEXT: Tanis and Hogg, A Brief Course in Mathematical Statistics

EXAMINATION AND GRADING: The grade is based on three in-class tests (60%), homework (10%), and a final exam (30%). Grading
scale: A: 90-100, B: 75-89, C: 60-74, D: 50-59, F: 0-49.

TEST DATES: Wednesday 2/11, Wednesday 3/25, Wednesday 4/22

Each test covers what has been done in class thus far. There will be no make-up tests unless there is a medical reason or family emergency.
In such as case, you must present a doctor's note or similar.

HOMEWORK will be assigned regularly. You have to do all the homework problems but only turn in the ones I ask for.

FINAL EXAM: Saturday, May 9, 6:30-9:30 p.m. (Common Exam III), CLS 336.


Monday:       1-5
Tuesday:       3-5
Wednesday:  11:30-12:30


HONOR CODE: Homework, tests, and the final exam are under the Honor Code and must be pledged and signed.

OTHER: Attendance is mandatory at the lectures. If you miss a class, it is up to you to get copies of lecture notes from one of your classmates.
Homework and additional course material will be posted on this website and communicated via Blackboard. Additional announcements will be
posted on Blackboard.