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Discrete Chaos

Saber Elaydi

Discrete Chaos Over the last 15 years chaos has virtually exploded over the landscape of mathematics and showered its effects on nearly every scientific discipline. However, despite the large number of texts published on the subject, a need has persisted for a book accessible to readers of varying backgrounds that includes discussion of stability theory and emphasizes real-world applications. Discrete Chaos fills that need. With only calculus and linear algebra as prerequisites, this book offers a broad range of topics with a depth not often found in texts written at this level. The author presents a thorough exposition of both stability and chaos theories in both one and two dimensions. He offers a highly readable account of fractals and the mathematics behind them, and demonstrates a number of applications from a variety of fields. This unique treatment of chaos encourages readers to make mathematical discoveries of their own through computer experimentation. The author incorporates the use of MapleS software throughout the book to aid in the solution of problems. You'll find even the most difficult material in an elementary framework, easily accessible regardless of your background and specialization. With a multitude of exercises to further enhance the learning experience, Discrete Chaos offers the perfect vehicle for beginning the journey into the rich world of chaos.

Hardcover: $89.95 (in the United States), ISBN 1584880023.

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